Save time and hassle with one contract for all your software, support, and devices.

The Versatility of Avaya OneCloud

With Avaya OneCloud Subscription, you subscribe to use Avaya services for a specific quantity of Users and/or Agents, which is paid with Monthly or Annualy in advanced for your on-premise solutions.

Your Subscription includes Avaya software and Subscription licenses, access to latest releases as available and Avaya support.
Save time and hassle with one contract for all your software, support, and devices.

With Avaya OneCloud Subscription, you have access to:

  • Work from Anywhere
  • Communicate with your team anywhere with Avaya cloud-based video conferencing and collaboration app.
  • Avoid unexpected upgrades with access to the latest software.
  • Scale to your needs.
  • One payment for upgrades to multiple devices and software programs.
  • Action-oriented workflows allow you to review multimedia messages, return missed calls and join voice or video conferences — all with a single touch.
avaya workplace
office collaboration

Avaya UC Collaboration Pro’s VS Con’s

 With Avaya Workplace, Avaya embeds communications directly into the applications, browsers and devices your
employees use every day to create a single, powerful gateway for calling, messaging, meetings and team collaboration. This will free people from their desktop and give them a more natural and efficient way to connect,
communicate and share—when, where and how they want.

Take calls, make calls, message, and chat.
One click is all it takes to start a call, join a meeting, contribute to a team chat, or share files.
No onsite PBX hardware to install or maintain, we manage it for you.


Pro’s VS Con’s Avaya Hosted
On Premise PABX
Ability to work from anywhere
Unified communications – Mobile Apps, Desktop Integration
Adds/Moves & Changes inclusive
Software updates
Integration with national branches
No need for IT to patch phones, just plug and play
Single Bill
One support contact
Call recording
Call reporting
CRM integration
Click to Call

Need a Great Cloud Phone System?

Avaya IP Phone J139

Avaya IP Phone J139

For business workers who need only the most popular, frequently-used features.

Avaya IP Phone J159

For knowledge workers who frequently use a desk phone, this small form factor packs lots of features.

Avaya IP Phone J179

Avaya IP Phone J179

For knowledge workers who need a full range of UC features, including advanced capabilities.

Avaya Conference Phone B199

Avaya Conference Phone B199

Participants can move freely around any size conference room with no audio impairment.

Every solution is tailored to your specific needs, contact us now so we can work together to optimise your solution!